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We offer both Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Tempe…and more. We service many areas of Arizona including Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, and Ahwatukee. If you need your home or business carpets, tile or upholstery cleaned, contact us today for a quote.

We provide exceptional services, at affordable and reasonable prices.  Our team gets sassy with their steamers and are a step cleaner than the rest. There is no job too dirty, so let’s get our scrub on!

Cleaning Services We Offer

  • Carpet Cleaning.  We specialize in stain, odor removal, sanitation and pre-treatments. We shine them carpets! We pull up all that dust, grime, allergens and foot traffic dandruff and kick um to the curb, revealing clean, sanitized, fresh carpets for your family, friends, kids, and employees to experience. 
  • Upholstery Cleaning. We do a little pre-conditioning and clean up your upholstery. You’d be surprised at the build up that occurs in your couch! Think of how many public places you sit down at and all of the other people that sit down there too.  You then come home and sit on your couch or big comfy chair, transferring the germs from everywhere else you clothes have been, to where you sit at home….time to get upholstery cleaning! 
  • Tile and Grout. With our truck mounted system, heat and high pressure, we shine your tile and grout right up. Sealers can be added for additional protection and to preserve that clean and shiny look.  Many of our customers say that after we are done cleaning their tile or floors, that it’s like they got brand new tile!
  • Area Rugs. Yep we clean area rugs too, and may we say we are quite good at them.  Nice large rugs for your floors are an investment and dirty, like carpets over time.  Deep cleaning your rugs helps to keep the life of the rug cleaner for longer.

All  Carpet Cleaning Tempe AZ Services, are available for both Commercial Cleaning and Residential Cleaning needs. We use  professional equipment for all the cleaning services we offer.  Our commercial equipment is the preferred choice for deep cleaning, stain removal, and fast dry time. It offers way more power, suction, and an overall deeper cleaning than other methods.

Carpet Cleaning Tempe AZ

Carpet Care Tips:

We know that when we see our carpets dirty it may be time to get them cleaned.  But did you know……..

  • Once you can actually see the dirt the carpet fibers have already begun to become damaged
  • Cleaning your carpets regularly will not only increase the lifespan of your carpet, but help with allergens and other health issues
  • Carpet is a very large germ magnet for many things. It can actually be hundreds of times dirtier than your toilet seat…ugh! Pet odors, feces, street grime, dust mites and more like to call your carpet home.
  • Clean carpets provide a sanitary and healthy indoor environment for you and those you love to live in. ​There are many things you can do to keep​ them clean and hire us:)!​
  • Their are many tips you can do to help maintain clean, healthy carpet on a regular basis.  Professional cleaning is recommended at least yearly.
  • To keep your new carpets warranty enforced, make sure to follow the manufacturers cleaning guideline

Feel free to reach out with any carpet cleaning questions you have, as we will gladly answer them.