​About us

Tempe’s Professional Carpet Cleaners

​Want to learn a little more about us? Well read on!  Then we will give you some tidbits you may have not been aware of and tips for maintaining heathy carpets.

We are Tempe experts in Stone, Tile and Carpet Cleaning. We are a local family owned business that works hard and proud.  We began in the valley years ago with a mission of quality in all that we do in both life and in our Tempe carpet cleaning Company. That’s the way we were raised and that’s the way we choose to live. Now-a-days not everyone takes pride in what they do and it show is in the quality of work that’s performed.
We have chosen to stand apart in pride, quality and professionalism….guaranteed.  We offer Tempe quality stone cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and upholstery cleaning services.
Check out the services we off.

Three things we find important in the carpet floor, and tile cleaning industry, and we think you should too.

  • Excellent customer service experience when contacting and booking your carpet cleaning or stone cleaning appointment
  • Your in home or in office experience with the carpet technicians.  Friendliness and professionalism are a must
  • How clean we get your carpets, upholstery, stone, tile and grout​. From what you to see to what you don’t, there is depth in the cleanliness of your carpets and floors.

Reach out today by filling out our Quote Form or contacting one of our friendly carpet looks today, to see what we can do for you.